¡Muy Caliente!

Hankering for a good burn? Ask for Galley Kitchen’s secret, off-menu hot sauce. Rana’s mango, carrot, and habanero sauce is spectacularly flavorful and boldly hot. Perfect on a monster plate of cheese fries and pairs well well with copious amounts of happy hour Pinot Grigio. Glug, glug. Tip—The Mixed Nuts & Olives and Community Plate appetizers are delicious, plentiful, and inexpensive.


We wasted no time getting this Wegman’s purchased wine from the bottle to our drinking glasses. (More on Wegman’s later.) Landonnet’s 2015 Bordeaux Rosé is crisp and citrusy with a slight berry finish—not bad for 6 bucks, and rather yummy when well chilled. We’re berry sure this bottle will be “drunk”. Have you seen a drunk bottle? We have lots of them in the recycling. 3/5 bubbles.

Landonnet 2015 Bordeaux Rose



Carmel, Coconut, Chocolate, and Cherries! Oh, my.

SaltedCarmelPizza ChChCherryBomb

No red sauce or peperoni dripping of this chocolate pizza dough, but just our classic recipe with top-shelf coca powder, organic hazelnut oil, and cinnamon grilled to crisp chocolaty perfection. Oh, the taste and smell! What better thing to do than grill a Salted Caramel Coconut pizza or Ch-ch-ch-cherry Bomb pizza during a blizzard? Frankly, we couldn’t stop eating these things while chugging copious amounts of wine. You’ve been warned.

Saint Teresa Pizza


It was Rome, late May 2010. We were hot-footing it through the Italian streets to view the “bucket-list” sculpture I’d been obsessed with since Art History my freshman year of undergraduate studies: Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. Little did I know that this fast-paced tour of Roma would bring more than the satisfaction of viewing an exquisite piece of art. As we hurried through the streets, with husband asking if I really knew the way (“it’s just a few more blocks…it’s just up here”), we happened upon the Trevi fountain purely by accident. No, I did not get in it. Finally, we found it: the Santa Maria della Vittoria chapel. A very small and unassuming church that perhaps the average tourist might not give the time of day. We approached the steps with anxious excitement – the doors opened and we entered. I hurriedly glanced at every sculpture and work of art until I saw her. She was glorious. It took my breath away. But that’s not all this story is about. If you have never been to Rome, go.

It was difficult to imagine what to do next, but we were on a tight schedule and had a bus to catch to our next destination. Having skipped breakfast we decided to pop in to a small cafe that was serving – you guessed it: pizza – for something to go. But this was no ordinary pizza. What we experienced was some sort of heavenly crust with potatoes and onions on top. And garlic! We’ve been dreaming of this dish for five years and have decided once again to attempt to recreate it. The results this time were worth sharing…as good as Roma.